Last Updated on July 4, 2023

2024 Baseball & Softball

          Registrations are now open for 2024 River Valley Baseball & Softball.  All games are played at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex (BMAC) off Taussig Road in Bridgeton.  The baseball season (including the pre-pitch divisions) will kick off on Monday, April 15th.  Softball will begin the first week of May.
          Pre-pitch divisions (T-Ball & PAL Ball) will play ten games, while baseball will play twelve.  Generally speaking, teams will play one game per week, Monday through Thursday.  Following is the 2024 pricing structure:
T-Ball – ages 4 & 5:  $100 per player; team registration – $1,150;
PAL Ball – ages 6 & 7:  $100 per player, team registration – $1,150;
Baseball – ages 8 – 14:  $120 per player; team registration – $1,400
Softball – ages 9 – high school – $120 per player; team registration – $1,400;
          To register, click the blue button marked “Click Here To Register,” then follow the instructions for the type of registration you are making.  You may register your entire team, or an individual player or players.  All individual players that are not part of an existing team will be entered into the player pool for placement, either on an existing team needing players, or a new team formed from the pool.*
* NOTE:  Placement of players from the player pool is diligently pursued, but not guaranteed.

In Memorium

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Terry Briggs, the Mayor of the City of Bridgeton.  Mr. Briggs had served as Bridgeton Mayor since April of 2015.  His diligence, his love for our city and his warm enthusiasm will be sorely missed.

– Bob Totterer

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