Last Updated on July 15, 2021

Registrations Are Now Open

for Fall Ball & Soccer


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The in-person soccer registrations scheduled for Saturday, July 24th, have been canceled.  Please register online through this website (see below).

          Simply click on the button above, marked “Register Online.”  Follow the directions regarding the sport, age division, team or individual registration, player and team info.  Before a registration can be accepted, payment must be made through our secure Pay Pal portal.  It’s all done in one operation – no muss, no fuss and no visit to the Community Center is necessary.  What could be easier?  See you soon!

          New for Fall Ball this year:  We will be including – for the very first time – PAL Ball for kids 7 and under.  PAL Ball is machine-pitch baseball.  It’s a very successful and popular sport in the spring/summer and we are now introducing it to our Fall divisions.  PAL Ball is a coed program, so if your son or daughter will be age six or seven next spring, he or she is welcome to join us.

          Please note that Fall Ball sign-ups are restricted to team registrations.  However, individuals wishing to participate can submit their requests through email.  We do what we can to place those kids with existing teams, or even form a new team if the number of requests is great enough.

          Once again, we will host Pee Wee Soccer for boys and girls ages four through six.  This is an in-house, coed program (BMAC only).  Registrations are set for individual players as well as whole teams.  Older divisions (8u, 10u, 12u & 14u) are part of a travel league with ABC ballpark.  Both team and individual registrations are welcome for those divisions as well.

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