Last Updated on January 4, 2023

2023 River Valley Baseball

        We are set to kick off another great season of River Valley Baseball, Softball, T-Ball and PAL Ball.  As in recent years, all registrations are conducted online through this website.  You may choose to register an individual player or an entire team.  Pricing is as follows:
          T-Ball (ages 4 & 5) $100 per player; PAL Ball (ages 6 & 7) $100 per player; Baseball & Softball – $120 per player.  To qualify for team registrations, you must have a minimum of eleven players.  Team registrations for T-Ball & PAL Ball are $1,150 per team; Baseball & Softball are $1,400 per team.
          All games will be played Monday through Thursday at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex (BMAC).  The season will begin on Monday, April 10th and conclude shortly after July 4th, weather permitting.  Remember, this is a volunteer organization, so we appreciate any who agree to coach these little guys and gals.  There is a field on the registration form where you can notify us of your intent.
          Good luck to all!

Bob Totterer

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