T-Ball Overview

River Valley Baseball Presents

2023 T-Ball Program

Organized for four and five year-old girls and boys, T-Ball is the first division in River Valley Baseball’s instructional league.  To comply with the age restriction, players should not attain the age of six prior to May 1st in the year of participation.*  The season consists of ten games, played at BMAC, Monday through Thursday.  The season begins in mid-April and every effort is made to conclude the program by the end of June.
In T-Ball, the ball is put in play off a batting tee stationed at homeplate.  Players are permitted to swing until the ball is batted into fair territory and advance on the bases as they do in baseball, though leadoffs and stealing are prohibited.  Coaches should stop their runners when the ball is thrown in the direction of homeplate.
Each player will take his or her turn at bat until three outs are registered or five runs score.  T-Ball games are formatted to play seven innings, or one hour and ten minutes, whichever comes first.  The hour and ten minutes is hard time, meaning that the game is concluded precisely at 1:10, regardless of the number of innings played.
Each participant in the T-Ball program will be given a team-matched t-shirt and cap, which they may keep at season’s end.  No standings are kept in this instructional league and each player will receive a participation trophy.
*  Exceptions to the age restrictions may be granted at the discretion of the league commissioner.
NOTE:  Placement of players from the player pool is diligently pursued, but not guaranteed.

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