Soccer Overview

Bridgeton Athletic Association Presents

2023 Soccer Season

BAA’s 2022 soccer season will open on Saturday, September 9th.  The league will include an in-house division for PeeWee soccer (ages 4 – 6).  Travel league teams may register for u8, u10, u12 and u14.  The in-house division is coed and will play exclusively at the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex (BMAC).  Travel league divisions will play their home games at BMAC and certain of their travel games at one or more of the other participating parks.  Travel league players will be required to purchase a league-sanctioned ID card which may be obtained at the ABC ballpark on their published ID dates.  Players in BAA’s PeeWee division are not required to purchase an ID card.
The PeeWee division will play a total of eight games, primarily on Saturday mornings.  Travel divisions u10 – u14 will play twelve games.  Game duration will vary dependent upon the age group in which the player participates.  Team-matched t-shirts will be provided for the PeeWee division and each player will receive a participation trophy at season’s end.  Please pay close attention to the 2022 age guidelines for the various age groups, listed below.  Players should have been born ON or AFTER the date listed.

PeeWee – January 1st, 2017

u8 – January 1st, 2015

u10 – January 1st, 2011

u12 – January 1st, 2009

u14 – January 1st, 2007

2023 fees are $80 per player for all divisions.  Players and teams must register through this website.  Fall Ball & soccer registrations will open shortly after the fourth of July.

NOTE:  Placement of players from the various player pools is diligently pursued but not guaranteed.

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